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Drapes add extreme personality to a space, transforming a room in the form of breezy sheers or lush velvet. While they are similar to curtains, they are made with heavier fabric, lined and pleated. Drapes are more formal than curtains, and are used in many rooms of the house, including the master bedroom, living room and dining room.


While decorative, they also filter or block light and may be lined for thermal insulation. Blackout drapes are perfect for the bedroom, since they block out all the light and cold drafts or heat leaking through the windows.


The decorative fabric on top of drapes, curtains and shades are called valances. They can be used to conceal the mounting hardware and also add a touch of color or extra flare. Their many styles include pleated, arched, gathered or flat, straight or shaped, and mounted on dust boards, poles, or rods. Due to their dramatic effect, they're normally found in formal rooms, such as master bedrooms, parlors, or dining rooms.


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